Saturday, August 01, 2009

Everything's better in espanol!

I'm going to be singing this as I make out with your sister.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jan Svankmajer is simply better than you.

An interesting look at the man whose impact is sorely unappreciated on
this side of the side of the pond. Violent, horrifying, and beautiful. What I
look for in art and in women. A true surrealist and a giant among men. Bow
down and kiss the pinky ring boys.

Amusement Park disasters

Hippie scum!

I want your skull

So as I try to remember the simple bliss of sketching I thought I would post up my ink scribbles so we could all laugh at my blind bumblings. I'm trying to keep it loose and organic, like hippie cooch.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scribbles and bits

Last night as sleep took the guise of Bin Laden I began to realize that I haven't drawn in years. As an artist that seems illogical as my work is spawned from the razor sharp tip of a micron, carefully scratched onto a porous surface. But that it seems, is but a means to an end. Idea's must take form and the pen seems the most direct route. But the simple bliss of sketching, the endless spirals of doodles cascading across the page has been forgotten by this dodgy old coot.
Well, no more I say. Today I picked up a number two pencil with one of those triangular erasers perched upon the tip. The kind that I use to convert into space ships as a lad, complete with crumbled paper flames and pew-pew laser sound effects. With trepidation I proceeded, fearing I had forgotten the ways of this wooden sword. But plunge forth I did and so begins a new phase of this sad little blog. So suckle upon the breast of my artist genius my little ones! This old cow has one or two shakes left in him.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get up, Get, Get down!

"UP" Sound for Film Profile from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Embedded in a bass bin, downing in waves of sound, It is only when you cut off the other senses do you realize the powerful visual component of sound. Sound, like light is time based medium of motion. Our eyes as well as our ears are constantly scanning input, condensing patterns from the deluge of noise. But in the condensation, much is lost.What is left out is as often as important as what is left in. The nature of reality is horribly illusionary and subjective. Input streams alter and distort other streams. Mental constructs are often at odds with the input yet somehow in the end we reconcile the conflicting information, make sense of the senseless and construct a seamless model, oblivious to the glaring inadequacies of our creation, the inherent error in our calculations. Watching this video on sound design is a fascinating look at the art of illusion. It gloriously reveals the intricate matrix of one of the many facets of world creation. Watching the wave forms next to the visuals reminds me of those brilliant cut away illustrations that littered the books of my youth.The industrial drawing of car motors laid bare was like mechanical porn to me.By revealing the hidden underbelly, the lost data stream is reconstructed, allowing the observer to apply new rule sets to the filtering. The prolific downloading of pro tool files on bit torrent reveal the innate desire to pull back the curtain, to reveal the date in its true form. I would love to see DVD extras that reveal all the data streams in layers, allowing the viewers to dissect the source material. Shake node structures, wave files, sound processing structures, original green screen shots, and storyboards all running concurrently in layers. The process and product in one.Anyway, UP rules and made me cry like a bitch. Twice.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This guy put's the Yo in Yo Mamma!

The other day Target was handing out Yo-Yo's as some strange sort of
promotion that was sheer brilliance in disguise. Within 20 minutes hundreds
of folks were getting freaky with their spinning plastic bundles of joy. As I
struggled to get the blasted contraption to do much of anything beside sit
sadly on the ground in a limp, tangled mass, I gleefully recalled my
childhood obsession with the Smother brother's and the months I spent
walking the dog, and shooting the moon, and spanking the monkey. So,
just in case you forgot that Asians will always be better than you in
absolutely everything, here's another reminder.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crippled Avengers

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Spinning ninja's!!

When looking back thru histories rose colored glasses, events lose their objectivity. The true character is lost to an idealized vision, genius is instant, and in hindsight all is apparent. Emotion is lost as facts are stated, and in a sense the event as it was suffers a gradual death as myth takes root. In the pantheon of music, John Cage is bestowed great honor, but it is easy to forget the true genius of the joker. I never really felt his work until I heard the laughter, surprise, and confusion of the audience. The audience is the the fabric upon which his sound is laid, it's medium of vibration. Without it, his work is like a scream in space, lost in the vacuum of academia.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Found at city hall park

Found at city hall park, originally uploaded by aidsbot2000.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I see through your lies

If you read the article it tells of scientific potential of this hybrid, but really...when something looks this amazing who cares? I say feed them all leds and have the most badass nightlight ever. Click the title for link loving.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Life's a bitch and then you die, that's why I get high. Cause ya never know when your gonna go.

I usually try to deal with life's horrors through humor. Life's many fuck you's are just a little bit easier to swallow with a spoon full of sugar. But the arresting visage of this man, his face like a Francis Bacon painting has wiped the sarcastic smirk of my mug and left me utterly humbled. As a creature of extreme vanity, obsessed with the most minute details of my self-image, this man's strength has hit me with the devastating force of "Little Boy". Watching him move is hypnotic and surreal. It reminds me of Thich Quang Duc self-immolation, and the grace with which he carried himself amidst the cries of horror.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

music to make babies to

After a four year hiatus, I'm finally R.O.C.K. in the USA again. I've fired up the ole mpc, upgraded reaktor, and plodded through the endless seas of cables. I've rekinded my love of sound, and let me tell ya baby. I missed ya. I missed ya real bad.
Tired of epic noodling and a hard drive filled with 16 second chunks of audio masturbation, I asked a friend if I could have a go at remixing one of his tracks. With a ready made track, ready to plunder I figured my unfamilarity with the source material (myself being of the glitch breakcore background and Mr. Cole being of the hairy acoustic rock background) would allow me to break free of my past production conventions, to ride this new musical fodder like the untamed bitch that she was, until I strapped on that saddle and rode her off into the sunset. It was a wild ride, through the dirty south with a bottle of Tussin in one hand and a 808 kick in the other, and into the sea, waves lapping at my feet, and the salty embrace of my mermaid mistress.Ahh, tuna tacos. I love you so.
option-click title to download

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mutants are taking over the world!!!

Hide your children! These horrifing creatures are the by-product of a world gone mad. Sinners repent! First our heavenly father created AIDS. Now our twisted savior has unleashed this plaque upon us. The horror!

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It's Official. You suck.

Seriously, what can you say? For someone who spent every waking moment as a child shuffling blocks on my gray monstrosity, believing that I was some sort of tetris god, crushing minds with my nimble fingers and clairvoyant powers to win the hearts of gawky girls around the world. I have long since given up on that dream, and luckily the internets were not there to crush my adolescent, pimple covered heart. Just wait till minute 3 to realize how pathetic you are at life. For all my single women at there, looking for a seed to plant in their fertile fields, forget the sperm banks. I have one word for you....Jin8

Don't let your child become a skull-fucker!

Live From Congress: The Skull Fucking Bill Of 2007
Finally something is being done about ocular penetration. Please, don't be a victim. Speak out, let your voice be heard. Just say no to skull-fucking kids.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

it's been a long time, since i left you

So this sad neglected corner of the interwebs may finally get some love. Tonight I hope to finally wrap up the update to the skull-fuckers site and perhaps throw a carrot or two to this downtrotten wreck of a blog. Expect some party madness updates and some shouts to my global homies. But first I gotta do some laundry. For real. It's gettin kinda hectic.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Diggin in the crates

I've been poking about, peering inside books, shuffling under the bed, trying to gather loose ends and get the skull-fuckers site in proper order. Old sketch books remind me of times forgotten, ideas left fermenting, scrawled on bumpy trains throughout the 5 boroughs. Plans I can no longer decipher, numbers hastily written without names, addresses for rendezvous I can't recall. So while I gather, waiting to update the site. I thought I'd throw up a few ditties for old times sake.

I found this in a folder under my bed. I drew this many moons ago, because I had the love jones for this serorita who looked like the girl in the drawing, only slightly less alien. Look, I used shading to create the illusion of depth. That means I'm a real artist,right?

Monday, April 10, 2006

Art Fart

So while hanging ten on the web "searching for source marerial" I came upon these interesting congregations of text.
This is an interesting look at the abuse of our patent system, where overworked patent clerks are handing out patents for everything under the sun. What's great about this article is that it reveals how companies wield patents, almost as a self-defense against companies that may want to sue them. Kinda like I have dirty pictures of you and you have dirty pictures of me so let's play nice type of thing.
A look at the AIDS/HIV crisis and the risks of current AIDS treatments. For the optically challenged it's a long but important read. Also from the same issue, a report on our own emperor of the universe, Big, Bad Bush. When's the hammer gonna drop on this fool?
So bone up because there will be a test.